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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Im Back----- Life Update and a New Direction???

Hello my lovelies, I am so sorry I haven't posted in so long, life has kinda taken over and has been so manic. So whilst I have been away I have moved back to the South East Coast and I have built on my obsession with planners and everything related to planners and stationary. So as well as boot sale and charity shop bargains, coupon shops and generally great bargains I will also be posting stationary hauls, planner updates and anything that makes me smile.

So I have been trying to lose weight and have met a new man since my recent break up a beautiful new puppy called Rags lol ( Did anyone think I was actually going to find a new boyfriend a month after my split from my 9 year relationship ended? lol) So he is my neighbors dog and he is a king Charles spaniel and he is 18 months old and I am walking him daily along the seafront and it makes me so happy. His favorite things are chasing seagulls and trying to eat stones and shells.

Okay so my next update is a retro vintage bargain from back in the late 80's. I found three polly pockets from as early as 1989. They cost me a total of £1.70 so I am hoping to complete the sets and enjoy them :D

The last update for this blog post is going to be about my newest obsession--- planners!!!!

I use multiple planners at the moment but I am going to post a seperate post about them so here is a little taster picture to get you excited.

Thats all for now by beauties so leave a comment below if there is something you want me to review or something you want me to blog about.

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Saturday, 27 September 2014

Amazing Savings- Bargain Beauty Haul--- 94% Saving!!!!!!!!

I just had to share my amazing beauty haul. I went into town today and did a bit of charity shopping and went into boots too and picked up some amazing savings that I wanted to share with you all.

First I picked up my free big mac from macdonalds. All you have to do is share a memory and download their app. Enter the code from their website and take your voucher in to your local Mcdonalds (See their website for more details)

I went into the RSPCA Charity shop and found the Toni and Guy travel size straight and protect shampoo and conditioner for 50p each and these retail for £8 (for both) Saving £7

I then picked up the bodyshop 200ml Honeymania cream body scrub and the 200ml coconut body scrub for 50p each and these retail for £13 each (£26 for both) Saving £25

Finally I found an official Hello Kitty embroidered makeup bag for 50p and this retails for £7.50. Saving me £7

I then went into Boots and picked up a Barry M glossy tube in a sparkly pink for 20p and these retail for £2.99. Saving £2.79

I also found the Boots Alternatives Travel Sickness Tablets (72 pack) for 50p. This retails for £9.85. Saving me £9.35

Lastly I picked up  the 29ml bottles of Hoof foot care( mask, lotion,pumice,scrub and soak) for 50p each.These retail for £2.99 each. They were also still coming up 3 for 2 so along with the sickness tablets I got these for £1.50

(I know the pics are rubbish lol) ..............................................................................................................................................................

Total breakdown

Toni and guy set £8 (£1)
Hoof mini’s £15 (£1.50)
Bodyshop coconut £13 (50p)
Bodyshop honey £13(50p)
Barry m glossy tube £2.99 (20p)
Travel sickness tablets £9.85 (50p)
Hello kitty bag £8 (50p)

Total Retail price= £69.84
I spent= £4.70

I think thats like a 94% saving 

A good day for me! It pays to hunt around. (Oh and all the products were new and unused) 

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Product Review: Picstick Photo Magnet Review

So I was given the opportunity to try a new product (from a company called PicStick) out and review it here for you. I went onto the website (Here) and then I logged in with facebook, added the images I wanted to use. (You can use facebook, upload or dropbox to upload your images) I simply added them into the boxes on the page the way I wanted them and simply added them to my basket. Then all I had to do was use paypal or a credit/debit card to pay for it and wait for the delivery.

After a few days my envelope arrived. It was very well packaged. It came as a sheet with 9 images backed onto magnet. The magnets are very easy to separate and are brilliant quality.

 If you would like the opportunity to get your own photo magnets you can get 25% off by using my special code - CARLY25 - So go to and go crazy and order some lovely magnets they make great gifts too and they only cost £9.50 with free delivery.

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Product Review: Rainbow Braid Loom Band Kit

So I was approached to review a rainbow loom band product. I don't know about any of you guys but the experiences I have had in the past have not been good. Some of the cheaper brands (that seem like a  good deal to "get me started") end up breaking right in the middle of an intricate design. So I wasn't expecting too much. But I was really surprised.
When the package arrived it was very well wrapped up and the amount of colours; talk about a rainbow lol! So I got my loom out and started doing the normal fishtail braid bracelets everyone starts with and then I started thinking "I really need to do more". So I looked on youtube and found some great videos. (I will link them below the pictures)

So the first picture is of just the bracelets that I did, most of which are just fishtail braids or other simple ones. But the green and red one at the top is a ladder bracelet and I watched SoCraftastic's tutorial (Link Here) she does have alot of other rainbow loom tutorials which are very easy to follow so check her out.

The next one I did was this heart one and I watched a tutorial by Elegent fashion 360 (Link Here)

The next two are an orange (Link Here) and a strawberry (Cute right?) (Link Here)

This last one is an oreo and was quite difficult for me ( I am still a beginner) (Link Here)

So that is what I have made so far, I have enjoyed learning how to make so many cute things with the loom bands and am still amazed at how stretchy the bands are.
The colours are so bright and the delivery is so quick.
I would definitely recommend Rainbow Braid to other people who want loom bands. They are well worth the money. You can also see my review on Amazon Here

Monday, 1 September 2014

Coupon, Cashback & Bargain Hunting Haul

Its that magical time of the month again- Shopping Time! lol Well anyway I got a few great bits and pieces that may still be available and I wanted to share them with you all.


This first bit will be the bargains that I found and the prices.

The first product was this Carex Complete 'Fun Edition' Cola bottle scented handwash. Now I know this sounds wierd and gross but its actually not that bad and I picked this one up on reduced to clear in Tesco for 45p and it normally retails for £1.85 in Superdrug (Here)

The next thing I picked up were these two packs of toothbrushes. They were reduced to clear in Asda for 25p each. These normally retail for at least £1 each so major bargain for the stockpile. Im going back today to get some more.

The last product for the bargain section is the Asda protect clearmist spray sun lotions .(SPF 30) This was  reduced to clear for 50p each. I picked up two for next summer and I may go back for a few more.


The first coupon I used was the Lactofree 50p off coupon on the lactofree milk portions (Here) They were 67p in Tesco so I only payed 17p and it tastes yummy too. Great for on the go.

The next thing I picked up were these three packs of various teabags, they are currently £1 in Tesco and I had 50p off coupons so I got them all for 50p off. They normally retail for £1.49 each so I saved 99p off each pack-Woop! Stockpile is growing!

The last coupon I used was in Asda I found these mini bottles of pantene smooth and sleek conditioner reduced to clear for 75p and I had two 75p off coupons so that made them Free. Woop #ILoveAFreebie


My fav section is the cashback. I currently use Checkoutsmart on my tablet and shopitize on my phone. These two apps have saved me alot of money over the last few months and today I have some great freebies.

Okay I have to admit the first thing I don't have a pic of this one because when I got home they were gone in seconds lol. But I got the Cadbury's Caramel Cake Bars (Currently £1 in Asda- Here) and I got £1 cashback from shopitize so Free. #FreeCake

The next product is another set of toothbrushes, they are the colgate extra clean three pack (Here) They were on offer for £1 in Tesco (£4 in Asda) and I got £1 cashback from shopitize so that made it free too. Woop! #FreeToothbrushes

The next product is the Loyd Grossman Tomato and Garlic pasta sauce. This was on offer in Tesco for £1 (Here) and I got 40p cashback so that made it 60p (Normally retails for £2)

The last product I bought in Tesco was the Dettol green apple multi action spray (Here) This normally retails for £2.60 but was on offer for £1.30 and I got 70p cashback making it 60p #CleanFree

Next I went to Asda and picked up another pack of jammie dodgers (I have got four in my stockpile already- Yummy!) They were 46p in Asda (Here) and I got 30p cashback from Shopitize and 20p cashback from checkoutsmart (for uploading any receipt) so I made 4p profit. #Profit #overage #ILoveAFreebie

Okay the very last thing I bought was for my kittys. I picked up the Butchers really meaty 6 tin cat meat (Here) and that cost £3.65 and I got £3.65 cashback from checkoutsmart so that made it free.
 As well as that I picked up the pack that has the "try me free" sticker on the top so I can also claim another £3.65 back from the company- #DoubleFreebie

That is it for now folks if you have any questions just comment below and don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss a thing. Until next time bargain hunters X x X

Vinted Review:Tattooedladycharms - I love Junk Food Set

 I recently found a new website and app that I could trade unwanted items on called Vinted . Its really cool when you sign up after like 20 minutes of browsing you get £9 to spend on anything. So I decided on the "I Love Junk Food" Set by the lovely Tattooeedladycharms

It came in this beautiful leopard print organza bag which is so cute. They have all been handmade by her from polymer clay and are lovely and so well made.

The first piece  is this cheeseburger ring. This is one of the reasons I feel in love with this set. It is so well made and the top and bottom of the bun has even been shaded which I love. So cute and it is just so cute and quirky.

The next piece is a mini oreo necklace. Equally as cute as the rest and the necklace is nice and long so looks lovely with alot of different things.

The last piece of the set are these neon pink gummy bear earrings, I don't personally wear earrings that much so this may go to one of my friends who wears earrings. But I love the colour and the fact they are sweets is so cute.

So overall I love this set and it is definitely worth checking out vinted and Tattooedladycharms's shop

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Bargain Beauty Haul

So I went shopping the other day and picked up a few more bargains and wanted to share them and review a few of them too.

The first place I went was Discount UK and the first thing I bought was the Myleene Klass stick on nail wraps. They had them on offer for 39p or 3 for£1, I only wanted one to start with because I have tried another version of the nail wraps before but they were just some rudolf ones from poundland and didn't go down very well. I bought them in a blue colour with a daisy design on them and they look so cute. You can get them at boots for £5.99 (Here) So that is a great bargain.
The next thing I bought was the Maybelline baby lips balm in antioxidant berry. You can pick it up for $6 Here but I managed to get it for 99p

 I carried on my search ( you gotta do a bit of hunting for a bargain) This next one really took me by surprise it is by Miss Sporty and the first thing in this three pack was  the zebra nail wraps (You can pick these up for £1.99 Here) Next was an unidentified lipstick, it is very peachy and smells like watermelon (No link because I have no idea what its called LOL) but Im guessing it would cost at least £1 on its own. Lastly was the miss sporty turquoise nail polish ( You can buy it Here for £1.99) and the total price I paid for all three of these products was just £1 so I think it was totally worth it.

Next to follow on from my last beauty haul where I picked up these two ranges from rimmel london. The first one was the metal rush, this time I got it in Gold Save the Queen (you can buy it Here for £2.72) last time I got the royal blue one. It is lovely and it dries so quickly- as all rimmel ones do.
The next one I got was from the precious stones collection adn I got the Ruby Crush one (You can buy it Here for £3.99) and last time I got the Diamond dust one.

The next place I went was poundland and I managed to pick up a cheaper version of the tangle teaser (which works really well can I add) and I got a cuticle moisturizer

The last place I went was the 99p shop and I picked up a salon creative mango body scrub. This follows on from my last beauty haul where I picked up the green tea and jasmine clay mask from the 99p shop (You can see my last haul Here) and did a review of it too--- It was so lovely and smelt amazing.(you can see the review Here) You can pick up the mango scrub Here for £7.99)

The last few things are foody buys so here we go:

I have wanted to try different iced teas but all I can find is Lipton iced tea and its full of sugar but when I came across this brand I was very excited to try it. Its called Just T and they had four flavours available. Citrus, elderflower, peach and raspberry. I wasnt keen on lemony or flowery tea so went for the peach and raspberry. The packaging is so cute and I just couldn't wait. I have tried the peach one so far and the only thing I would say is to make it concentrated and then dilute to taste but very nice. 

Lastly I went back and picked up two products that I bought in my last haul just because I loved them so much and the price was amazing. I got the salon creative clay face mask and the Creighton’s movie matte photo finish moisturiser for £1 each  

 Thats it guys I hope you enjoyed my haul. Did you get any beauty bargains this week? Let me know in the comments and don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss a thing!