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Saturday, 9 August 2014

Beauty Review: Salon Creative Jasmine & Green Tea Clay Mask

So I bought the clay mask from the 99p shop last week. ( I included it in my haul which you can see Here)

 To help me with the face mask today I also bought a 6 in 1 facial mask tool set from Ebay which you can buy Here (I won an auction for just 27p the original listing is here)

My lovely assistant (pictured below) is my fiance and he helped me test the face mask because he suffers from very sensitive skin and psoriasis so it is important to have products that are suitable for highly sensitive skin.

So first of all the texture is very smooth and cooling when applied. I would say you only need about half of what is pictured above because we were left with some at the end
 Mix it well and apply to face. He said it tightened his skin as it dried. It smelt lovely but not over powering.
As we were waiting the ten minutes that it took to dry/set I put the remainder into a small pot for future use.

I soaked a face cloth in warm water and washed the face mask off. After this I patted his face dry and applied a thin layer of moisturizer ( this helps to hydrate the skin) 

Anyway onto the review.. Overall the face mask is an amazing price for the size of the tube.It is definatly worth the price (Considering it is worth £4.99 (source=google search)) The product went on smoothly and smelt lovely, I would recommend this face mask especially if you are on a budget.

Have you tried this clay face mask? What other ones do you recommend?


  1. Looks good, and such a bargain too :)

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    1. Hey thank you for commenting and yeah its lovely and works really well. You are very welcome ur blog are very Gud x