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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Bargain Beauty Haul

So I went shopping the other day and picked up a few more bargains and wanted to share them and review a few of them too.

The first place I went was Discount UK and the first thing I bought was the Myleene Klass stick on nail wraps. They had them on offer for 39p or 3 for£1, I only wanted one to start with because I have tried another version of the nail wraps before but they were just some rudolf ones from poundland and didn't go down very well. I bought them in a blue colour with a daisy design on them and they look so cute. You can get them at boots for £5.99 (Here) So that is a great bargain.
The next thing I bought was the Maybelline baby lips balm in antioxidant berry. You can pick it up for $6 Here but I managed to get it for 99p

 I carried on my search ( you gotta do a bit of hunting for a bargain) This next one really took me by surprise it is by Miss Sporty and the first thing in this three pack was  the zebra nail wraps (You can pick these up for £1.99 Here) Next was an unidentified lipstick, it is very peachy and smells like watermelon (No link because I have no idea what its called LOL) but Im guessing it would cost at least £1 on its own. Lastly was the miss sporty turquoise nail polish ( You can buy it Here for £1.99) and the total price I paid for all three of these products was just £1 so I think it was totally worth it.

Next to follow on from my last beauty haul where I picked up these two ranges from rimmel london. The first one was the metal rush, this time I got it in Gold Save the Queen (you can buy it Here for £2.72) last time I got the royal blue one. It is lovely and it dries so quickly- as all rimmel ones do.
The next one I got was from the precious stones collection adn I got the Ruby Crush one (You can buy it Here for £3.99) and last time I got the Diamond dust one.

The next place I went was poundland and I managed to pick up a cheaper version of the tangle teaser (which works really well can I add) and I got a cuticle moisturizer

The last place I went was the 99p shop and I picked up a salon creative mango body scrub. This follows on from my last beauty haul where I picked up the green tea and jasmine clay mask from the 99p shop (You can see my last haul Here) and did a review of it too--- It was so lovely and smelt amazing.(you can see the review Here) You can pick up the mango scrub Here for £7.99)

The last few things are foody buys so here we go:

I have wanted to try different iced teas but all I can find is Lipton iced tea and its full of sugar but when I came across this brand I was very excited to try it. Its called Just T and they had four flavours available. Citrus, elderflower, peach and raspberry. I wasnt keen on lemony or flowery tea so went for the peach and raspberry. The packaging is so cute and I just couldn't wait. I have tried the peach one so far and the only thing I would say is to make it concentrated and then dilute to taste but very nice. 

Lastly I went back and picked up two products that I bought in my last haul just because I loved them so much and the price was amazing. I got the salon creative clay face mask and the Creighton’s movie matte photo finish moisturiser for £1 each  

 Thats it guys I hope you enjoyed my haul. Did you get any beauty bargains this week? Let me know in the comments and don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss a thing!

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