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Monday, 1 September 2014

Vinted Review:Tattooedladycharms - I love Junk Food Set

 I recently found a new website and app that I could trade unwanted items on called Vinted . Its really cool when you sign up after like 20 minutes of browsing you get £9 to spend on anything. So I decided on the "I Love Junk Food" Set by the lovely Tattooeedladycharms

It came in this beautiful leopard print organza bag which is so cute. They have all been handmade by her from polymer clay and are lovely and so well made.

The first piece  is this cheeseburger ring. This is one of the reasons I feel in love with this set. It is so well made and the top and bottom of the bun has even been shaded which I love. So cute and it is just so cute and quirky.

The next piece is a mini oreo necklace. Equally as cute as the rest and the necklace is nice and long so looks lovely with alot of different things.

The last piece of the set are these neon pink gummy bear earrings, I don't personally wear earrings that much so this may go to one of my friends who wears earrings. But I love the colour and the fact they are sweets is so cute.

So overall I love this set and it is definitely worth checking out vinted and Tattooedladycharms's shop

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