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Monday, 1 September 2014

Coupon, Cashback & Bargain Hunting Haul

Its that magical time of the month again- Shopping Time! lol Well anyway I got a few great bits and pieces that may still be available and I wanted to share them with you all.


This first bit will be the bargains that I found and the prices.

The first product was this Carex Complete 'Fun Edition' Cola bottle scented handwash. Now I know this sounds wierd and gross but its actually not that bad and I picked this one up on reduced to clear in Tesco for 45p and it normally retails for £1.85 in Superdrug (Here)

The next thing I picked up were these two packs of toothbrushes. They were reduced to clear in Asda for 25p each. These normally retail for at least £1 each so major bargain for the stockpile. Im going back today to get some more.

The last product for the bargain section is the Asda protect clearmist spray sun lotions .(SPF 30) This was  reduced to clear for 50p each. I picked up two for next summer and I may go back for a few more.


The first coupon I used was the Lactofree 50p off coupon on the lactofree milk portions (Here) They were 67p in Tesco so I only payed 17p and it tastes yummy too. Great for on the go.

The next thing I picked up were these three packs of various teabags, they are currently £1 in Tesco and I had 50p off coupons so I got them all for 50p off. They normally retail for £1.49 each so I saved 99p off each pack-Woop! Stockpile is growing!

The last coupon I used was in Asda I found these mini bottles of pantene smooth and sleek conditioner reduced to clear for 75p and I had two 75p off coupons so that made them Free. Woop #ILoveAFreebie


My fav section is the cashback. I currently use Checkoutsmart on my tablet and shopitize on my phone. These two apps have saved me alot of money over the last few months and today I have some great freebies.

Okay I have to admit the first thing I don't have a pic of this one because when I got home they were gone in seconds lol. But I got the Cadbury's Caramel Cake Bars (Currently £1 in Asda- Here) and I got £1 cashback from shopitize so Free. #FreeCake

The next product is another set of toothbrushes, they are the colgate extra clean three pack (Here) They were on offer for £1 in Tesco (£4 in Asda) and I got £1 cashback from shopitize so that made it free too. Woop! #FreeToothbrushes

The next product is the Loyd Grossman Tomato and Garlic pasta sauce. This was on offer in Tesco for £1 (Here) and I got 40p cashback so that made it 60p (Normally retails for £2)

The last product I bought in Tesco was the Dettol green apple multi action spray (Here) This normally retails for £2.60 but was on offer for £1.30 and I got 70p cashback making it 60p #CleanFree

Next I went to Asda and picked up another pack of jammie dodgers (I have got four in my stockpile already- Yummy!) They were 46p in Asda (Here) and I got 30p cashback from Shopitize and 20p cashback from checkoutsmart (for uploading any receipt) so I made 4p profit. #Profit #overage #ILoveAFreebie

Okay the very last thing I bought was for my kittys. I picked up the Butchers really meaty 6 tin cat meat (Here) and that cost £3.65 and I got £3.65 cashback from checkoutsmart so that made it free.
 As well as that I picked up the pack that has the "try me free" sticker on the top so I can also claim another £3.65 back from the company- #DoubleFreebie

That is it for now folks if you have any questions just comment below and don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss a thing. Until next time bargain hunters X x X

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