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Sunday, 14 September 2014

Product Review: Rainbow Braid Loom Band Kit

So I was approached to review a rainbow loom band product. I don't know about any of you guys but the experiences I have had in the past have not been good. Some of the cheaper brands (that seem like a  good deal to "get me started") end up breaking right in the middle of an intricate design. So I wasn't expecting too much. But I was really surprised.
When the package arrived it was very well wrapped up and the amount of colours; talk about a rainbow lol! So I got my loom out and started doing the normal fishtail braid bracelets everyone starts with and then I started thinking "I really need to do more". So I looked on youtube and found some great videos. (I will link them below the pictures)

So the first picture is of just the bracelets that I did, most of which are just fishtail braids or other simple ones. But the green and red one at the top is a ladder bracelet and I watched SoCraftastic's tutorial (Link Here) she does have alot of other rainbow loom tutorials which are very easy to follow so check her out.

The next one I did was this heart one and I watched a tutorial by Elegent fashion 360 (Link Here)

The next two are an orange (Link Here) and a strawberry (Cute right?) (Link Here)

This last one is an oreo and was quite difficult for me ( I am still a beginner) (Link Here)

So that is what I have made so far, I have enjoyed learning how to make so many cute things with the loom bands and am still amazed at how stretchy the bands are.
The colours are so bright and the delivery is so quick.
I would definitely recommend Rainbow Braid to other people who want loom bands. They are well worth the money. You can also see my review on Amazon Here

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