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Sunday, 3 August 2014

Bargain Beauty Haul: Poundland, Discount UK, 99p Shop and Superdrug

The first place that I went was Superdrug and they had a new range of "I Love Strawberries & Cream" and I tried out the body spritz spray. It smelt amazing so yummy and I just had to have it and it only cost £2.99. You can buy it: Here

The next thing I bought  was the MUA (Make Up Academy) 12 piece eyeshadow palette in the shade "Undress me too" I got this one for £4. I love the look of this one, I was looking for a range of nude eyeshadows I could use for work and this one looked perfect. You can buy this one: Here

The next thing that I bought was the MUA (Make Up Academy) pressed powder in the shade 1; which is the lightest and fairest shade they do. (The one on the left) You can buy this one: Here

The next place I went to was Poundland and I got the Chit Chat Pressed powder in a slightly darker shade and Im going to use it to add a bit of colour to my cheeks.

The next thing I bought in poundland was a twin pack of nail polishes, the first one is a lemon yellow colour and the second one is a lavender one and they are the Astor brand. The coverage is okay but it does take a few coats to get it right. I might try doing a white base coat first then putting the colour over the top.

As soon as I smelt this moisturizer I was in love it smells amazing and the packaging reminds me of Soap and Glory. The brand is Creightons Movie Matte Photo Finish Moisturizer- Yummy!

The next place that I went to was the 99p shop, I don't normally go in here but I really wanted to find a clay face mask that was suitable for sensitive skin and I found one by the brand "Salon Creative" and it smells lovely. Its the Green Tea and Jasmine scented one and I think Im going to be doing a review of this soon with the help of my beautiful assistant (LOL well my fiance)

The next product I found was by the brand "Quicksilver" and its the Aftersun cool down gel (The RRP is £4.99 and you can buy it: Here and I got it for 99p and it smells very nice. Im kind of looking forward to a little sunburnt lol

The last product that I bought in the 99p Shop was the Argan Oil Hydrating Hair Mask I actually saw a review on someones blog about it and I really wanted to give it a go. It smells yummy and has a nice thick consistency.

The final shop in my haul for today was "Discount UK" I don't know how common this shop is around the country but it is sort of like Pound Stretcher and has alot of brand names at great prices.

The first thing I got was a single rimmel london Glam Eyes eyeshadow block in the shade " 410 Plum Romance" and this retails for £4.49 and you can buy it: Here but I only had to pay £1

The next product was an amazing price I only payed £1 for a twin pack by Barry M.

The first one was the Barry M glitter liquid eyeliner in the colour black. The reccomended retail price is £2.99 and you can buy it: Here (but Im pretty sure that is a reduced price already) This one looks amazing and has a lovely blue, green and gold glitter base and looks so pretty!

The second part of the twin pack is this beautiful silver glitter lashes by Barry M and you just twist the end and add a touch of glittery sparkle to the end of your eyelashes I would love to get this in more colours if I can. So pretty and I love glitter.

I have saved my best and fav buys for the day till last I found these two Rimmel London nail polishes for £1 each.

The first one (one the left) is the Rimmel London Precious Stones High Coverage Glitter nail polish in "001  Diamond Dust" It has a subtle base of black and silver glitter and an overlay of bigger silver and iridescent (I think that is the right word it catches the light) glitter and is so pretty.
This product retails for £3.99 and you can buy it: Here

The second one (on the right) is the Rimmel London Metal Rush in the shade Royale Blue ( this retails for £3.99 and you can buy it: Here . This shade reminds me of the mermaid shade by barry m and it is two toned and is so pretty. I think this is the year of the metal polishes.

Thaat is it for my bargain beauty haul and I think I got some great buys. If you are interested in seeing a more detailed look and review at any of the products I bought then just comment below.


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    1. Thank you hunni! Have followed you xxxxxxxxx

  2. You got some fantastic bargains here! I absolutely love the fact that almost everything you bought retails for a much higher price somewhere else.

    The argan oil hair mask is something that I have been wanting to try for a long time as I find using a hair mask really helps to keep the condition of my hair nice and healthy. The Rimmel Glam Eyes single eyeshadows are really good quality and that shade looks like a gorgeous colour.

    I think everything you got is lovely! You can't beat getting a good bargain, eh! ;) xx

    The Miss Beauty Saver Blog

    P.S. Email me and I'll send you over your own hyperlink to leave in comments, like the one above, as a little thank you for all your lovely comments on my blog :)

    1. Aww thank you for the lovely comment and for following. I managed to get more bargains yesterday too so that post will be up at the weekend as well as a review of the face mask (and some funny pics of my fiance modelling lol) I will defo email you in just a tick. I love a good bargain especially if it is rimmel and the nail polish is so lovely and smooth.