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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Im Back----- Life Update and a New Direction???

Hello my lovelies, I am so sorry I haven't posted in so long, life has kinda taken over and has been so manic. So whilst I have been away I have moved back to the South East Coast and I have built on my obsession with planners and everything related to planners and stationary. So as well as boot sale and charity shop bargains, coupon shops and generally great bargains I will also be posting stationary hauls, planner updates and anything that makes me smile.

So I have been trying to lose weight and have met a new man since my recent break up a beautiful new puppy called Rags lol ( Did anyone think I was actually going to find a new boyfriend a month after my split from my 9 year relationship ended? lol) So he is my neighbors dog and he is a king Charles spaniel and he is 18 months old and I am walking him daily along the seafront and it makes me so happy. His favorite things are chasing seagulls and trying to eat stones and shells.

Okay so my next update is a retro vintage bargain from back in the late 80's. I found three polly pockets from as early as 1989. They cost me a total of £1.70 so I am hoping to complete the sets and enjoy them :D

The last update for this blog post is going to be about my newest obsession--- planners!!!!

I use multiple planners at the moment but I am going to post a seperate post about them so here is a little taster picture to get you excited.

Thats all for now by beauties so leave a comment below if there is something you want me to review or something you want me to blog about.

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